Tiffany Steward Pops Policy and Client Receives Award Exceeding Limits

Tiffany Steward recently settled an injured client’s personal injury claims for an amount in excess of the at-fault party’s available insurance policy limits. A rear-end accident resulted in a shoulder injury necessitating surgery. Ms. Steward submitted a policy limits settlement demand containing a complete and thorough factual and legal analysis supported by facts and documentary evidence to show the client’s damages would exceed the available $100,000 policy limits.

Defendant did not accept the demand. At mediation Ms. Steward persuasively argued the completeness of the initial demand package and that the Defendant’s failure to accept the policy limits demand exposed the Defendant to a likely judgment in excess of the policy limits. Several days of post-mediation discussions directly with the Defendant’s insurer led to the insurer agreeing to pay significantly in excess of its insured’s policy limits.