John Farmer Obtains Favorable Verdict In A Lumbar Discectomy Case

In May, 2017, John Farmer obtained a favorable verdict in a rear-end motor vehicle accident case, tried in the Van Nuys branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Plaintiff claimed severe injuries to his neck and back which eventually led to lumbar diskectomy surgery.  Defense experts testified the accident mechanics supported a claim of a modest neck sprain without lasting residuals, and while the lumbar discectomy may have been medically necessary, it was causally unrelated to the accident.  Plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury to award $300,000.  The defense had offered $15,000 prior to trial, per CCP §998.  The jury agreed with the defense and awarded $10,000.  However, during trial, the parties had entered into an undisclosed “high/low” agreement of $0/$150,000.  As a result of the favorable verdict in light of the Offer to Compromise, the parties reached a post-verdict walkaway agreement.