John Farmer and Olivia Miner Obtain Favorable Verdict in Lancaster Accident Case

John Farmer and Olivia Miner recently partnered together in the trial of a rear-end vehicular accident case involving significant damage claims. The firm’s client, a Palmdale/Lancaster area furniture delivery driver, was driving a delivery box truck which struck the rear of Plaintiff’s vehicle while it was stopped at a major intersection for an ambulance traveling across the intersection.

Plaintiff claimed neck, back, chest, shoulder and head injuries.  He eventually underwent multiple MRI’s and cervical and lumbar injection therapy.  Prior to trial, he underwent a cervical laminotomy and foraminotomy.  Past medical bills at the time of trial were approximately $286,000.  Plaintiff’s surgeon testified Plaintiff is an immediate candidate for cervical and lumbar fusion surgeries, with a reasonable medical probability that Plaintiff, due to his young age (40), would develop adjacent level disease and require additional cervical and lumbar fusions within his lifetime, all at a cost of $800,000 – $880,000.  Liability was admitted at trial.  The focus of the defense was to show that Plaintiff’s injuries consisted of spraining and straining injuries, superimposed on pre-existing degenerative disc disease.  Plaintiff’s counsel requested a verdict of $6,000,000 in closing argument.

The jury returned a favorable verdict at $230,000, awarding $170,000 for past medicals, $50,000 for past pain and suffering, $10,000 for future medicals and $0 for future pain and suffering.