Defense Verdict in Admitted Liability Rear-End Accident Case

In February, 2017, John Farmer obtained a defense verdict in the Long Beach branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court, on behalf of a defendant driver of a trailing vehicle in a three car collision which occurred on the I-5 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles.  While the impact was relatively modest (14-15 MPH ΔV), plaintiff contended he suffered a significant back injury which necessitated extensive chiropractic treatment, multiple epidural injections and a surgical recommendation for a two level lumbar microdisketomy.  The claimed medical specials were $58,472, with future claimed medicals of $80,000.  Defense experts contested causation as well as the reasonability and necessity of the lien-based medical care received.  The jury was provided impeachment evidence in the form of video surveillance footage inconsistent with plaintiff’s injury claims.  Plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury to award $153,742.  The defense had offered $11,424 pursuant to CCP §998.  The result was a defense verdict based on a finding of no causation.